About Seamless Design + Build

We think home design and remodeling should be a painless process—one that results in spaces that inspire and uplift. That’s the concept behind Seamless Design + Build.

If you’ve done a remodeling project before, you’re going to be surprised by how we do things. At Seamless Design + Build, we provide all the services you need throughout your project. We supervise a top-notch team from start to finish. This guarantees efficiency and consistency from demo, to paint swatches, to the big reveal.

Seamless Design + Build begins each project by listening. We start with your wish list and then combine it with information about your lifestyle and how your family functions.

Do you need a mudroom the size of the Eagle’s locker room? Do you want wine storage fit for a queen or a media room with an IMAX screen?

We want you to dream big, and our designers and construction experts will show you what’s possible by helping you maximizing both your space and your budget.

After we’ve heard what you want and need from the space, we’ll develop a design concept and construction plan that combines your vision with our 25+ years of experience. The result is an inspired interior that exceeds your expectations. Our professional expertise, approachable personalities and project management prowess make Seamless Design + Build your perfect design and remodeling partner.

What about the times when your space just needs an update — no sledgehammers required? No problem!

We get that some of our clients want a full-service, all-inclusive remodeling package. Others may simply need targeted layout and furniture suggestions to make their spaces beautiful and functional. With these differences in mind, Seamless Design + Build has created a suite of services to meet your needs at every stage of your project.

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Mary Ann Kleschick

Throughout her 25 years as an Philadelphia interior designer, Mary Ann Kleschick has focused on her clients. She hears, understands and translates their vision into spaces that combine timeless style with comfort, function and beauty.

After graduating from Drexel University, Mary Ann honed her design skills with a high-end interior design firm on the Main Line before establishing Mary Ann Kleschick Interiors in 1995. As the sole proprietor of her Philadelphia interior design firm, Mary Ann personally executed every project, managing details and solving problems while maintaining constant communication with her clients.

Now a partner in Seamless Design + Build, Mary Ann continues her practice of listening deeply to her clients. She’ll learn how you live and what your space can and will mean to you. Her design concepts incorporate your unique vision with the basics of good design–form, balance and scale–resulting in spaces that will inspire and delight now and for years to come.

Buck Klupp

Buck Klupp started his career as a plumber when he was barely old enough to reach the sink without a step-stool, following his dad from job to job and handing him tools as needed.

Buck’s been in the plumbing business for 33 years, with over 20 of those as a Licensed Master Plumber. He’s got additional experience in the contractor trades, giving him the ability look at a project from all angles. Because he can see the big picture, Buck can identify potential obstacles during the planning phase, before they cause problems. By serving as the client’s single point of contact throughout the construction phase, Buck assures all the details—scheduling, work, clean-up—are all done exactly to your satisfaction.

As a partner in Seamless Design + Build, Buck is a stickler for details. He keeps your project moving at a steady clip by ensuring every phase of the construction process is performed thoroughly and executed properly with attention to detail.