European City Kitchen

Just like baking bread, starting from scratch in a remodel is the best way to guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. That’s what we did in this Center City kitchen: we gutted everything and even re-positioned the appliances to give the client a modern kitchen with an urban feel. But also like the smell of baking bread, we wanted to evoke feelings of warmth and welcome. To get there, we used a light gray main cabinet with black cabinets under the counter to create a warmer look. The details of the European stove—ready to cook a hearty, old-world meal or warm a frozen pizza—provides an interesting contrast to the sleek cabinet style. And using stainless steel for both the appliances and the shelves keeps the kitchen from feeling too closed in and top heavy. We decided to use a large apron dining table made from a zinc-like composite; it keeps the feel casual and welcoming. The bar stools and dining chairs pick up the old-world feel, but we gave them a modern twist with bamboo, which lightens them—both physically and visually. Red was our choice for accent color here. It adds just enough pop to create interest and ties together the sleekness of the cabinetry and counter tops with the warmth of the more traditional pieces. Lighting was the key to making this kitchen work. We used it to focus on the surface areas for kitchen tasks (my client values her fingers–go figure) and to lighten the dark counter tops, creating additional pop. Starting from scratch with all the right ingredients, we mixed modern and traditional to serve up this four-star family kitchen.

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