His & Hers Master Bath Suite

This large master bathroom was a unique challenge; we knew too much tile and stone would make it feel more like a middle school locker room than a luxurious spa retreat. So we rolled up our sleeves and created this at-home getaway that’s the perfect example of contemporary design and state-of-the-art plumbing. Since we knew our clients needed their own spaces, we divided the bathroom into task-oriented “rooms.” The custom, L-shaped vanities flank the shower but are nestled on opposite corners, creating the illusion of smaller (and more private) spaces. The lines of the vanities are clean and simple, while “x” panels on the wood veneer add a chic detail. Versatile Corian, which mimics concrete, tops the vanities for a clean, sleek look. The expansive shower is almost 6 feet square, making our clients feel like they’re in a separate room. With body sprays, a hand-held nozzle and two niches for toiletries, we were kind of afraid they might never want to leave. Even the water closet gets tucked away in its own special room. And to drive away thoughts of those dark middle school bathroom stalls, we used a textured glass door that allows privacy but lets the light shine in. The 10-foot ceilings would have added to the locker room feel, so we aligned the vanity mirrors with the door tops, bringing the scale of the room down to a more “regular human” and less “basketball team” scale. The earthy gray floors and walls and the wood-finished cabinetry create an inviting warmth in this large space. No more nightmares of middle school locker rooms—now our clients thoroughly enjoy their warm and inviting at-home spa oasis.

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