Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Kid-friendly bathrooms don’t need to be plastered with cartoon characters. First and foremost they need to be functional, so we created this one for clients who wanted to get the most out of both their space and their budget. We made the room look bigger by using large, simple-textured porcelain tiles on both the floor and the shower walls. Then we used a combination of smooth and wavy tiles to add subtle texture and a little playfulness. To stretch the budget, we used a ready-made vanity, but not just any old run-of-the-mill piece. We chose this one because it adds punch with a driftwood-like finish and industrial details. Kind of reminds you of exploring outside when you were a kid, huh? Our splurge was a sweeping custom mirror to match the vanity. That, along with a ready-made, clear glass shower door, really opened up this small bathroom, making it feel oh-so-super-hero big.

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